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About our campaign

Applying to rejoin the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and securing a better relationship with the EU through EFTA membership presents the fastest and most realistic way to limit economic shock and build a brighter future for the United Kingdom.


EFTA4UK was formed in 2015 to raise the profile of and provide information about the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and to make the case for rejoining it as an alternative to EU membership.

The group was influenced by the work done by prominent Eurosceptics such as Christopher Booker, Richard North and Roland Smith. It was endorsed by the former MEP Dan Hannan in May 2016.

In September 2020, the original members of EFTA4UK endorsed the relaunch of the campaign in a statement.


EFTA4UK campaigns for pro-market, pragmatic future for the UK now we have left the European Union — outside the political structures of the EU, but within the Common Market.

Rejoin EFTA

We campaign for the UK to rejoin the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Whether the UK agrees a ‘Free Trade Agreement’ with the EU or not, there are many reasons why re-joining EFTA would benefit the UK (and EFTA!).


We campaign for the UK to participate in the European Economic Area through EFTA membership. Many people who voted Leave expected and hoped that the UK would continue to have full access to the European Single Market.


The ‘four freedoms’ (goods, services, capital and persons) are not luxuries for the privileged few, but are vital to trade in goods and services. Freedom of movement for people means a free and prosperous economy.


To fund 2 full-time and 2 part-time positions to deliver the campaign objectives as well as finance of campaign materials, including website, video production, digital advertising and other expenses


The primary purpose of our campaign is to secure a type of Brexit that more closely resembles the promises made to Leave voters before the EU referendum by promoting the EEA and EFTA.

We aim to create political space that would allow the Prime Minister, the cabinet and the wider Conservative Party to abandon the disastrous red lines set by Theresa May and shift towards promises previously made by the Vote Leave team. But support must be secured across the political spectrum, including from opposition MPs and, especially, from among those who voted Remain in the 2016 referendum.


Raise awareness of the benefits of rejoining EFTA among the general public, policymakers and the media.


Increase public support for rejoining EFTA and form a broad coalition of support in favour of rejoining EFTA


Gain the support of, and secure public backing from, key influencers in positions of power/opinion formers in favour of rejoining EFTA.


To persuade the government to alter Brexit policy by switching to a softer approach – initially by promoting EFTA membership on its own merits and suggesting that as a step it would not be contrary to other UK Government policy.

Our Team

Our core team is made up of people drawn from a variety of backgrounds who bring a range of skills and diversity of experience. Some campaigned for Leave in the 2016 EU Membership Referendum whilst others campaigned to Remain. All agree that the best way forward for the United Kingdom is to seek a more pragmatic, conciliatory and constructive approach to Brexit. The first, decisive step towards that would be joining the European Free Trade Association.

Ben Kelly


Ben is a writer and commentator across several widely read publications including the Telegraph and Reaction Life. Ben campaigned staunchly for the ‘Liberal Leave’ Efta/EEA Brexit model in 2016.

Patrick Lohlein


Patrick is a Public Affairs Consultant and lobbyist, and former National Organiser of Conservatives For A People’s Vote. He has a background in international trade consultancy and political development, working with free-market think tanks and governments in Asia. He has featured in BBC documentary Brexit Storm and is an experienced media commentator.

Martin Smith


Martin is a management consultant, former think tank researcher and lobbyist (appearing on national TV) for small business organisations and successful campaign featured in Public Affairs Magazine; provided research and articles on trade issues for the Conservative Group for Europe.

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James Mellor


James is a businessman, video production specialist, and international filmmaker. James’ business was one of the Brexit-backing companies listed in the Telegraph prior to the referendum. He also supported his father’s PPC campaign for the Referendum Party back in 1997. After the Brexit Vote, he became an active voice of the RemainerNow group up until December 2019.

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