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EFTA4UK Statement on the UK-EU Deal

The EFTA4UK campaign welcomes this deal despite the fact that it appears to fall a long way short of our expectations. The Vote Leave campaign promised that we would stay in the free trade area that stretches from Iceland to the Russian border. While this deal delivers on tariff and quota-free access to the EEA, it clearly leaves us outside it.

โ€œThe promise on which the PM won his majority was a relationship based on free trade, not political union. He has delivered tariff-free trade, but not free trade. The mountains of new red tape awaiting UK businesses make it increasingly clear that the only way to deliver on his promises is via EFTA and the EEA, or a similar style agreement.

Martin Smith, Campaign Manager

“British business will face many new non-tariff barriers that will hit small enterprises and start ups particularly hard. Many companies and sole traders are too small to be able to afford the time for dealing with new red tape, let alone the costs of setting up subsidiaries in the EU.”

Patrick Lohlein, Policy Director

“The original eurosceptic rallying cry was โ€œcommon market yes political union noโ€. This deal emphatically says โ€œnoโ€ to both. We hope that sufficient arrangements have been made to overcome the problems of leaving the common market.

Mark Burrows, EFTA4UK Co-Founder

We will be studying the terms of the deal over the next few days and resume our campaign to rejoin the Single Market next year.

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