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UK: Reunited ~ next meeting

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The next edition of our popular and exciting “UK: Reunited” series will take place on Sunday, 21st March at 3.30pm. The meeting will take place on Zoom and the link will be emailed to all our subscribers on Sunday morning. Please sign up to attend using this link, or email

A key objective of our campaign is to move beyond the divisions of the 2016 referendum. There are no Leavers or Remainers anymore: we are all “Brexitees”. Following a devastating pandemic, the public seems to agree with us that they don’t identify themselves by their referendum vote anymore.

The EFTA advantage

EFTArians who voted Leave know what leaving the Common Market with a thin deal does to trade. Furthermore, ex-Remainers who support us understand the validity of ex-Leavers’ concerns about ever-closer political union. Hence, EFTA4UK ideally placed to put the “united” back in United Kingdom.

UK: Reunited is a series of group and 1-to-1 chats in which ex-Remainers and ex-Leavers discover what they have in common. From this will emerge a shared vision of the future of our United Kingdom: Reunited. So, even if your first visit is just to listen, come and join us in this exciting mission!

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Martin is a management consultant, former think tank researcher and lobbyist (appearing on national TV) for small business organisations and successful campaigns featured in Public Affairs Magazine. He has provided research and articles on trade issues for the Conservative Group for Europe.

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