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A central objective of the EFTA4UK campaign is to move beyond the divisions that have plagued the UK since the EU referendum in 2016. That’s why EFTA4UK is launching an exciting new initiative to bring Leave and Remain voters together!

EFTArians who voted Leave know the dangers that leaving the Common Market with just a thin deal or No Deal poses to trade. Furthermore, they are with the majority who favour retaining reciprocal work-study-retire rights. Ex-Remainers who support us understand that while leaving the Common Market is damaging to the UK, the EU is not perfect, and they are willing to listen to Leavers’ concerns about the Common Agricultural Policy and ever-closer political union. Hence, EFTA4UK is the ideal platform to put the “united” back in United Kingdom.

UK: Reunited

The benefits of EFTA include the Irish border – crucial for our United Kingdom – agriculture, business supply chains and the ability to deliver services in the EU. Sectors that stand to benefit include key industries like car manufacturing, science and technology, financial services, chemicals, and many more. Therefore, EFTA offers a sustainable platform, outside of political union while trading and collaborating with our friends and neighbours.

While we don’t always see eye to eye, we all want a brighter future for our country. We have to accept where we are now and move forward. In order to move forward, we don’t just need to improve relations with our European neighbours, but also with each other.

In our meeting this Sunday, we will be launching our “UK: Reunited” initiative. This will be a series of group and 1-to-1 chats in which ex-Remainers and ex-Leavers discover what they have in common, explore the merits of the other side’s position and revisit some of the reservations they had about their own vote. From this will emerge a shared vision of the future of our United Kingdom: Reunited.

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